Friday, 14 October 2016



WELCOME TO #fslbeyond

Promoting Student Voice while making connections 

within the classroom AND BEYOND! 

"Communication is a social act.
In order to learn French, therefore, students need to see themselves
as social actors communicating for real purposes."

The goal of this TLLP (Teacher Learning and Leadership Project) is to develop communicative and action-oriented approaches to teaching French with meaningful and authentic communication at the center of all activities.  Using technology, FSL teachers and their students will explore opportunities to interact with other French speakers from various socio-cultural groups in real-life contexts. Too often, we are teaching French in isolation with the teacher as the only model of French and with interactions only occurring between students.  Students will explore how to use iPads, apps, Google Drive, blogs, Skype, Google Hangouts etc. through well designed tasks that will engage students and help them understand "the why" of learning French.  Please join us!

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